p u b l i c a t I o n s

fLIP Magazine, Winter Issue #38, Nov 2017
2 photographs selected for the Urban theme.
p41 and 43
ISSN 1746-4153

80 pages
65 colour and monochrome photographs
self-published, 2017

photographs by Krystina Stimakovits and Juergen Sarge
112 pages, 63 colour photographs
Text by Zsolt Batori, PhD
published by Gebr.Kopp GmbH & Co. KG, Cologne
linen cover hardback
edition of 1000, 2016
ISBN: 978-3-926509-08-6

photographs by Krystina Stimakovits, paintings by Lee Kaloidis
20 pairings each of a photograph and a painting
48 pages
Self-published, 2016. (Blurb)

fLIP Magazine
Winter Issue 2015. Theme : Illusion
Feature with 4 Images and my text.
pp 14 - 17

Issue 7, Summer 2015.
double spread image on pp. 52-53.

Issue 3, April 2015.
8 images and text, pp. 51-57

fLIP Magazine
Winter Issue, 2014, Theme: Conflict
text and 5 images from Jerusalem and Palestine
from the collaborative BORDERWATERS project with Susan Wolff (see below)

BORDERWATERS, Jan 2014, self published.
Images taken during a visit to Jerusalem and the West Bank inspired by a poem by Susan Wolff and retracing her journey. 84pp.

CAMOUFLAGE ALLEY, Nov. 2013, self-published (Blurb), 38pp.
photographs of urban fragments taken in London, Vienna, Kassel and Belgrade.

fLIP Magazine, March 2013 - theme: 'Closer'
features 2 images from my 'Material Murmurs' series.
7 images from 'Material Murmurs' and text on the LIP website

REFRACTIONS Magazine, Issue 2, Feb. 2013
Interview and 6 images from the Inside Out series featured. Printed copies available from

F-STOP MAGAZINE, June (2012) issue #53.
5 images from my "From the Radar's Edge" series published in the Serial Photography section.

AI : SERIES edited by Alan Wilson (April 2012)
5 images included in this book of monochrome abstractions by photographers featured on the website 'Aesthetic Investigations' (pp108-114) -

THRESHOLDS by Krystina Stimakovits (October 2011)
38 photographs of urban fragments taken through glass.

fLIP MAGAZINE (July 2011)
4 photographs from the series 'Thresholds" with accompanying text.

LIP (London Independent Photography) website (Feb. 2010)
Feature: 6 photographs and interview -

HAPHAZART! MAGAZINE, Issue 1 (June 2009)
features 25 photographs alongside interview -

URBAN PARALLELS by Krystina Stimakovits,
70 photographs, fragments of the urban environment (2008) -