In the cities change is constant. We pass by road works, demolitions, constructions, refurbishments, repairs or places of neglect: man-made and organic forms exist side by side or intertwine in often incongruous and chaotic fashion. I am interested in the layers to be found in these sites of transition and like to hone in on space dividing structures such as glass, mesh or fences and on the traces left upon them be they by human action or the forces of nature. These layers offer thresholds between visual fields that hide and reveal, their fusions and confusions dissolving into forms and gestures, a meditation.

I work to the paradox at the heart of photography, its unique ability to simultaneously represent and transform ‘the real’. Stripped and hijacked from its context with the three dimensions firmly squeezed out, ‘objective’ reality appears metamorphosed into surface. This sets up a tension: what we see strikes us as familiar but also strange, and perhaps with time our photographs turn into an ever expanding and dusty mirror to our psyche.i

Photographs express the way we embrace or reject the world. At a time of rigid fences and borders, I seek refuge in the fact that as a photographer I can be Alice looking through a glass, asking questions, digging beneath appearances, looking again, aghast and in wonder.

@ All images copyright Krystina Stimakovits.